Afghan Jewellery

Afghani Jewellery in Pakistan

Afghan Jewellery plays a significant role in the Afghan tradition. It is one of the most popular in Afghani people, this Jewelry is one of the essential parts of their culture, and they like to wear these types of Jewelry.

Model: JWL-193
Model: JWL-291
Model: JWL-130
Model: JWL-107
Model: JWL-150
Model: JWL-135
Model: JWL-101
Model: JWL-273
Model: JWL-111
Model: JWL-178
Model: JWL-286
Model: JWL-172
Model: JWL-295
Model: JWL-304
Model: JWL-147
Model: JWL-232
Model: JWL-102
Model: JWL-308
Model: JWL-199
Model: JWL-231
Model: JWL-307
Model: JWL-182
Model: JWL-268
Model: JWL-166
Model: JWL-154
Model: JWL-315
Model: JWL-271
Model: JWL-190
Model: JWL-148

afghan traditional jewellery

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