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Artificial Jewellery consists of decorative accessories that we used for personal beauty. The only purpose of wearing Jewelry is to look attractive. It consists of rings, necklacesearrings and bracelets and bangles. It is made from the various materials Gold, Silver, Platinum, Stainless Steel, and many more, which are mixed with gemstone and diamonds.To dress up for tradition or social, it is a must that your Jewelry completes your outfit and make you attractive. So, picking up matching jewelry lead to a significant role in every woman’s life.There are two main categories in which Jewelry is divided into the first one is traditional which is also called kundan jewellery or Bridal Jewellery, which is full of massive design and the second one is Modern Jewelry; these Jewelry are the most simple and beautiful. Beautiful pieces of Jewellery don’t need to be considered as to how much design jewelry has. In the Modern world, western people prefer to wear simple Artificial Jewellery compared to the traditional ones, but in Pakistan, there is opposition to this because of Pakistan’s culture.Humans made Jewelry from old age. There are many types of Jewelry that we wear on traditions and social gatherings in this modern world. The following are the kinds of Jewelry which we use in our daily life.


In Pakistan, Most of the girls and women don’t know where to buy artificial Jewellery online. Jewellery Shop offers a new 2020 collection, including afghan, fashion, beautiful, kundan jewellery, and bridal jewellery sets. The artificial Jewellery’s major problem is it slowly turns in to black with the period to tackle this problem. The Jewelry we offer is coated by premium protective straps that make the life of Jewelry long-lasting.

Fashion Jewellery

Fashion Jewellery is the latest trending jewelry which is beautiful and straightforward, and it is the most affordable Jewellery that is why it is most prevalent in ladies.

Jewelry Shop offers artificial Jewellery, which includes famous jewelry brands of Pakistan. In branded jewelry brands embossed their logo on Jewelry because it a signature of brands that shows this Jewelry is premium. has become one of the most popular websites which provide up to 70% OFF discount on artificial, Branded and bridal Jewellery in Pakistan with the lowest prices. We also have latest collection of Kundan Jewellery, We provide free shipping all over Pakistan with the ease of Cash on Delivery Facility. Our delivery service is available all over Pakistan, including big cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. is a Karachi based online Jewelry store for traditional and modern Jewelry.